2008 Special Assessment

Late payments will be assessed an 18% per annum fee. Seven payments of $151.56 will be acceptable, total late fee, $60.93. Your payment will be credited on the Postmark date, interest will be calculated for that date with full credit for early payments, overpayments will be credited to your membership account, no interest will be paid to you. If you request it, your overpayment will be returned to you in the form of a check. If the entire $1000 is not paid by December 31st, 2008, the total late fee for 2008 is $91.73. For 2008 no liens will be imposed until January 1st, 2009, interest will accrue.

If a Special Assessment for 2009 is assessed on January 1st, 2009, a total of $1210.12 is payable January 1st, overdue in 30 days. Late payments on the Special Assessment will be assessed an 18% per annum fee and can not apply to the membership dues. Special Assessments for 2009 past due 90 days will result in a lien placed against your property. Special Assessments for 2009 past due 180 days will result in foreclosure.

All terms of the Fifth Amendment to the Covenants and Restrictions of the Boyle Plantation Homeowners Association apply to the Special Assessments. You should have received a copy of this amendment. You may download a copy at http://www.boylehoa.org .

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